Injured in Motor Vehicle Accident?

With millions of drivers on the road motor vehicle accidents will occur. An average of 6 million people get into car crashes and unfortunately is one of the leading causes of injury and death. The experience of a car incident can leave both the driver, passengers and bystanders with either trauma and injury. Some injuries can be devasting, life-altering and at times fatal - this is why you should always drive with no distractions, with a seat belt and not under the influence.


Although you cannot control other drivers on the road it is important to know what you are in control of and that is your safety on the road - whether it may be in a car, motorcycle, truck.

We understand the frustration and anxiety that comes with accidents and claims - because they are accidents - you do not plan for them. That is why when you do find yourself in a motor vehicle accident you should speak to a lawyer immediately to ensure you and your claim are protected against insurance adjusters and private investigators.

What to Expect Once There Is An Accident:

If you find yourself in a motor vehicle accident whether it may be a car, motorcycle, truck or hit and run you will start off with a police claim. Once the police department takes notes from both parties they will submit a police report that will summarize details from the accident. This will help the court and insurance companies decide who was manly at fault.

Depending on the parties involved within the accident you could see claims for insurance payouts or personal injury payouts

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