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We are here to help guide both individuals and communities who have been impacted by safety issues regarding products, drugs and people. We help those who have been injured by the bad acts or negligence of businesses and people.

We understand life isn't easy and can be daunting to relive these moments of impact, that is why we work with you to review your specific claim to get you the answers you need.

Our mission is to guide and protect you from damaging safety issues.

Firefighting Foam

Clergy Abuse


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Share your story and tell us how you have been impacted by an unsafe drug, product or organization. Become part of the Consumer Guardian advocacy group and be heard. Join us on social media and follow along for new issues that we fight against!

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We want to earn your trust so that is why we allow you to complete our short and confidential form on our website. Take your time to learn about the details of our advocacy campaigns. Once you complete our online enquiry form, we will contact you at a convenient time. There is no need to feel nervous about your story coming out, we are here only to help serve you and protect you against corporate negligence and abuses of trust.

We help the families and friends of those who have had their lives upturned or lost loved one because of wrongdoings of businesses and organizations.

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